The importance of beauty in the garden


November 28, 2010

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irisYou may be excused for thinking that, based on my post to date, gardens should be productive spaces, and that aesthetics have little impact on me.  This however is not the case.

It is true that I believe that gardens should be productive, and that a garden without some sort of fruit/vegetable production is a wasted opportunity.  However that is not the full story.  To me gardens are about beauty, and I believe a vegetable garden or a fruit tree is a beautiful thing.  Growing produce for your family, friends and self is also a beautiful thing.

I believe the vegetable garden should not just be a functional space, but also a place that is designed well, with hard landscaping that provides a framework for the vegetables etc to look their best.  Beauty is important.

Hence today I am sharing a picture of the irises in my garden that are currently in full bloom.  This marvellous pale blue welcomes visitors as they walk along the  deck to our front door.  Enjoy!

6 Responses to “The importance of beauty in the garden”

  1. Your irises are in great shape and i agree this is the
    factor of beauty which is vital to every garden. Lovely blog, keep
    it up.

  2. Matt says:

    Cheers Mohammed. Glad you agree!

  3. A recent article said that Grow Biointensive is the a growing trend. Have you heard anything about type of gardening?

  4. Matt says:

    No I haven’t. Perhaps another reader has?

  5. Melly says:

    Every garden should have something edible being grown in them. Why not take the chance and try to grow something of your own that you will end up eating? My backyard garden is full of vegetables to be canned and strawberries to make some jam. Also my favorite flowers are grown in my garden that!

  6. Matt says:

    Hey Melly, I couldn’t agree more. Strawberry jam – yum!

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