First pizza!


March 3, 2010

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Following on from my last post about building our wood fired oven from earth, I finally managed to get the fire right.  And we managed to cook our first pizzas.

You would think it was simply a matter of lighting a fire in the oven and away you’d go.  The few goes were a disaster simply getting it lit.  I then fitted a chimney to it (the original plan hadn’t included one), and found that it drew much better so the fire could be started much more easily.

I then discovered you shouldn’t be shy when building a fire in these things.  I reckon my first few efforts must have been too wimpy, and the thermometer struggled to pass 100 degrees Celsius.  This time I went all out and it worked a treat.  It got so hot that it set fire to the door (it was wood as per the instructions), and the thermometer went off the scale.  As you could imagine I was well chuffed, and the pizza was great.

We are going to try a roast this weekend, and we’ll probably chuck a few loaves of bread it as well.  I’ll have to make a new door, and I think the key is not to keep it in place while the oven is heating up, just place it once you have spread the coals in preparation for cooking (the instructions were very vague on the use of the door).  This should keep the heat in to enable the bread and roast to cook well.

I’ll keep you informed.

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