How to Protect Your Plants from Frost

Protecting tender plants from frost is an good skill to have in the garden.  While I think you should grow plants that are suited to your local environment and timed according to the time of year, sometimes it can be worth trying to keep tender plants going.  In this short video I have given a couple of examples about how I am protecting some more tender plants from the cold.  Specifically we look at overwintering an eggplant (aubergine), some capsicums (sweet peppers) and Thai chillies, and lastly some celery (that I planted at the wrong time of year).  Each has different challenges and in the video I present different solutions for each.

These are is the fencing wire that I refer to in the video.  As you can see it is simply a matter of bending it to the right shape.  Watch the video to find out more!

Fencing wire used to make the cloche

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