Raspberries in the garden

Soft fruit, Spring

November 21, 2010


I have a belief/opinion/call it what you will, that everyone should grow raspberries in the garden.  Maybe not if you live in the tropics, but those in temperate climates should.  I have suggested this to friends, even offered to provide them with some canes for free, but no one as yet has taken me up on the offer.

It is true that raspberries have a bad wrap.  They are renowned for needing quite a bit of water (a bad thing in our water starved country), and for being invasive.  And both of these are true.  However the rewards are worth it.

You see, to my mind, soft fruits (raspberries included) are expensive in the supermarket, and the quality of the fruit is usually poor.  This is because soft fruit spoils quickly and bruises easily.  But this needn’t be a problem for you in your garden.  Picked and eaten quickly, raspberries are an absolute delight.

They need not take up a lot of space in the garden, however unless you can dedicate a specific bed to them they do need to be contained or they will invade.  I have them in their own bed, but other have suggested putting a barrier like a 40cm deep corrugated iron sunk into the garden bed.

Raspberries are also shallow rooted and therefore do not cope well with competition.  Hence you have to keep the weeds out.  However I mulch them yearly with a few inches of compost and mulch and usually find that stops most weeds.  Also once the raspberries are established they will tend to choke out any competition.  Mulching also helps with the water issue.

So let me know, have you tried raspberries in your patch?  Post a comment below.

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  1. I enjoy your blog site, even more so your pictures, do you take them yourself? Here in The UK we are blessed having a vast variety of blooms, the most impressive of which are probably the spring blooms. Am I Able To use some of the pics in my blog? I’d back link any here of course. Jasmine Jones

  2. Matt says:

    Hi Jasmine, thanks, I just use my iphone for them. I don’t mind you using them as long as you include the link to my site. Cheers, Matt

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