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Broadbean glut

My broadbeans are in full flight now.  Actually, just as I am about to go on holidays for a few weeks.  Frustrating, but at least I have had a few meals from them before I go.  I am sure the neighbours will use the excess.

I thought I would be smart this year.  After speaking to a few people who have been gardening in the Melbourne area longer than me, I decided to plant my broadbeans early in the hope of getting a winter, or at least an early spring, crop.  Alas it was not to be and they have all come into crop at towards the end of the spring.

This may be due to the fact that we have had the coldest and wettest winter for many years.  And while that has done wonders for our dams and given the fruit trees a deep watering, it has buggered up much of my planting.

I also thought I would stagger the plantings to get a prolonged crop.  This too has proved to be pointless, as they have all come on together, leaving me with a big glut that I can’t use.  If only I had got the chooks (chickens to those not in Australia), I am sure they would have loved them.

Anyway, I like to eat my broadbeans before they get too big.  Usually when I talk about broadbeans, at this point people recount horror stories of childhood experiences where they were forced to eat big leathery overcooked beans.  I, however, was lucky in that respect.  We never had broadbeans at all as children.  But I suspect that this was because my mother had had the aforementioned horror stories herself and probably vowed never to cook them for herself.  I must ask her one-day if that is the case.

So the cooking moral of the story is pick the pods when they are small (but not too small or the beans are microscopic).  My guide would be no bigger than the diameter of your thumb, ideally more like middle finger size.  It does mean you’ll have to pod a lot more beans to get a meal.  But those beans you do get will be sugary sweet and very tender.  Just as nice as freshly picked peas.

I like to cook them in just a bit of butter (actually a lot of butter – I believe in giving the middle finger to the cholesterol police whenever possible) until they are just cooked.  Lovely!

So post me comment.  Did you have any broadbean horrors?  Or are you a lover of them?  Please let me know.