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Coppicing for firewood – eucalyptus

Coppiced eucalyptus plantation

Coppiced eucalyptus plantation in South Australia

When I lived in the United Kingdom I came across techniques called coppicing and pollarding.  Since I became familiar with them, I have never understood why we don’t make use of these techniques in Australia.

Coppicing is the process of chopping a tree down to just above ground level and letting it regrow with multiple stems at the base.  Pollarding is doing the same thing further up the truck.  Pollarding way a way of using the coppicing technique for trees that are in fields containing livestock.  This enables the tree to sprout new growth without it being eaten by the livestock.

These techniques where developed to enable trees to be harvested for their wood, mostly for firewood, multiple times without killing the tree.  When the tree is simply chopped down any new tree must establish new root systems etc. to support the growth.  With a coppiced tree these root systems are already in place and therefore regrowth takes place much more quickly.  Many trees can be harvested every 5 to 10 years.  The exact timing will depend upon the species and the use of the wood, namely how thick you need it to grow, but the regrowth will be quicker overall. continue reading..