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Petty’s Orchard Open Day 2011

The Petty’s Orchard Open Day is happening again this year on Sunday 27th March.  The annual event is run by the Heritage Fruits Society, which is a group dedicated to preserving rare and heritage breeds of fruits trees, i.e. preserving our genetic heritage.

Unfortunately I don’t make it every year, but it is well worth the trip.  One of the major bonuses I found was that they have a tasting of most of the heritage varieties of apples available in Melbourne.  This is very helpful when it comes to deciding which varieties to have in your garden.  I don’t see much point in growing the apple varieties that are widely available in the shops.  By growing rare varieties you can have access to great tasting fruit that you would otherwise not get the chance to eat, and you are preserving the planet’s genetic heritage.  As I understand it, proceeds from the event go to the Society.

Petty’s Orchard is located in Templestowe, in the north east of Melbourne. More details about this excellent event can be found here: