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Upside down plum tart

Upside down plum tart

Upside down plum tart made from my next door neighbour's plums - post dinner.

My former neighbour had (and probably still has) the same madness as me – the desire to cram as many fruiting trees into his backyard as possible.  Unfortunately he has now moved somewhere else, but his legacy lives on in the garden next door, and before he left at the end of January he gave us some lovely plums from one of his trees.

We had already been given a load of plums from someone else and had made several months worth of jam.  I suppose we could have made more, but there is only so much jam you need, particularly when we have marmalade there to be eaten as well.  So as is so often the case at this time of the year when there is a glut of fruit, the plums languished at the bottom of the fridge for the last few weeks.

Last night however, inspiration struck!  One of our local TV channels had an ad for a cooking spot where they were making a plum tart.  I wasn’t able to get the recipe but after a quick search on Google I found a nice version of an Upside Down Plum Tart on a site called Kitchen Culinaire.  I didn’t have the variety of plums the recipe called for and I substituted yoghurt for sour cream (because we didn’t have any sour cream), but it worked a treat and was delicious.  Perhaps next time I might try adding 1/2 a cup of almond meal for some of the flour.  We’ll see.

I reckon you could substitute most of the stone fruit or apples or pears for plums in this recipe.  So if you have a glut of any fruit at the moment I recommend giving it a shot.  Let me know how you get on!