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The rhubarb is sprouting.

My rhubarb has kicked in a full swing.  This is it’s second year in the garden, and after a good feed on manure and blood and bone in the autumn it is making the most of the start of spring.

Like most plants you aren’t supposed to pick much of the rhubarb in it’s first season.  Letting it develop and establish itself is a much better idea, and I am hoping it will lead to a much bigger crop this year.

Now I know rhubarb isn’t for everyone.  Like most vegetables it has those we appreciate and those who can’t stand it.  Personally I reckon it’s great.  My favourite is one from Jamie Oliver’s great cookbook “Jamie at Home”. It is for a rhubarb and apple crumble that has the added treat of a little orange and lemon to the rhubarb mix.  Lovely!

So post me a comment below.  Any tips of growing rhubarb?  Any great recipe tips?  Till next time, keep getting those fingers grubby.