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GIANT or Dwarf – Choose the right apple rootstock

Apples on the tree.

Choosing the right rootstock for your requirements will make your apple tree a welcome part of the garden rather than an nuisance.

When choosing an apple tree for your garden you need to look at which rootstock you want it to grow on.  All apple trees are grafted onto a rootstock.  This means that the fruiting part of the tree at the top is attached to another part that forms the roots – the rootstock – through what is called a graft or join.  This is done because apple trees do not grow true to type from seed.  If you plant the seeds of an apple tree a new variety of apple will grow, most likely one that is small and not very nice to eat.  To ensure you get the apple variety you want, you take a cutting from an existing tree and graft that onto a rootstock.

You could potentially take the cutting from the apple tree and stick it in the ground where it will likely take root and grow.  However the use of certain rootstocks has developed.  This is because the rootstock will often be from a variety of apple that is resistant to diseases and pest.  This helps ensure the tree will be less likely to succumb to those pests and diseases.

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