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Raised vegetable beds in the garden – how and why.

One of the new raised beds in the vegetable garden

I have just this weekend completed another stage in my garden by edging two beds I built last year.  Our block of land is on a slope and in order to get a level planting surface raised beds are necessary, effectively as a form of terracing.  The edging of the beds created semi-raised beds (see photo).

I am a fan of edging vegetable beds for a number of reasons.  Firstly it makes an effective barrier to weeds/grass entering the bed, particularly if you have invasive grass species in your lawn like cooch or kikuyu.  Once these get into a bed they can be difficult to eradicate, and prevention is better than cure.

Raised garden beds also provide easy access, particularly for those who find it difficult to bend.  My beds are a little low for this to be a benefit but I that was one of my aims I would add another row of sleepers for height.

Those will heavy soils will also find raised vegetable beds to be of benefit.  Nobody likes to stand with their feet in water, and vegies are no exception.  One downside of this increased drainage though that I have found is in summer the drainage can be too fierce.  I have lined the walls of several of my other raised beds with plastic to reduce the passage of water out of the bed through the sides. continue reading..

The first cucumber of summer

Not a big deal to some people perhaps, but if you are a lover of growing your own produce like me, you’ll know that the first of any crop is a reason to celebrate.

Today we picked our first cucumber of the summer and it was delicious.  I never used to be a fan of cucumbers till (at my wife’s request) I grew some.  The extra flavour of a home grown one was amazing.  There was a crispness with apple hints I never expected.   It was wonderful.

So let me know.  What wonderful delights have you sampled this summer from your garden?  Or if you are from the Northern hemisphere, what winter delights have you found?